What Will New Homes Look Like in 2015?


The current state of affairs within the housing industry has many wondering what lies ahead in 2015. Changes are being made to match the current trends within the industry; not only the number of new homes being built but also what’s inside newly built homes.

A recent study by The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) surveyed a group of builders, designers, architects, manufacturers, and marketing specialists. The Director of Economic Services of the NAHB, Stephan Melman said, “We asked builders, ‘what do you anticipate the new home size would be by 2015?’ “ The overall consensus was found to be “houses will get smaller”.  The study found that homebuilders expect newly built single-family homes to average 2,150 square feet compared to the current 2,400 square foot average.

This aligns well with the trend of going green that we can expect to see more of in 2015.  Smaller homes have greater heating and cooling efficiency gains associated with less space. Builders are also utilizing water-efficient appliances and plumbing, using LED and compact fluorescent lighting, as well as installing energy efficient windows.

Other amenities will also be affected, such as the “Great Room” replacing the “Living Room”. The “Great Room” combines the living room, dining room and family room into one open space that usually flows into the kitchen which helps save square footage.

Other changes that you can expect to see in 2015 are:

  • Reduced 4 or more bedroom homes
  • More master suite walk-in closets
  • Changes in use of space outside of main living quarters, such as more porches and 2 car garages
  • Better utilization of space by replacing formal dining rooms with eat-in kitchens
  • Larger laundry rooms
  • Less mudrooms, hobby rooms or game/media rooms
  • A wide variety of interior color choices

Many exciting changes are on the horizon for newly built homes in 2015. The options for designing your perfect home seem to be endless. Melman stated, “Although affordability is driving these decisions, smaller homes are a positive for builders, it allows for more creative design, more amenities, better flow. It’s an opportunity to deliver a better home.” The changes ahead in 2015 seem to be positive for all involved and the goal of a better home will be met for builders and buyers alike.


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